How to use Ahrefs for Free (2020-2021)

How to use Ahrefs For Free: In today’s time whoever wants to do blogging, there is a very big headache about keyword research, because free keyword research tools are not providing complete and exact results.

And paid keyword research tools are not afforded by everyone, and what happens that everyone searches on Google and YouTube and any other site that “How to use Ahrefs for Free“.

How to use Ahrefs for Free – Introduction

Honestly speaking, Ahrefs is not available for free but yes, you can reduce the expense up to 90% for its package.

How to use Ahrefs for Free

You can see that starter plan of Ahrefs is $99/month, and seriously, it is very costly.

Everyone can not afford it as each one has not a similar financial situation.

Yes, if we compare the plan and services, $99 is not too much, because against $99 worth, Ahrefs is providing too much worthy services.

But the major problem is that we have to pay $99 at every month until we stop that service to use.

Is there any way to use Ahrefs Free

No, there is not any option or way to use the Ahrefs keyword explorer tool for free.

But you can use by paying a very minimal amount per month.

Yes, the amount is Just : $4.09 or ₹299 per month.

And yes, the most benefit of this service is that you will get all 100% benefit of $99/month package.

I have been using it for the last 9 months almost, and happily, I have not come through any single issue yet.

How can I Get Ahrefs @ 299/month Only

There are some companies which buy the whole package from Ahrefs and they distribute via proxy servers to their buyers in very low cost.

I will explain you later on this article how it works.

First, let’s explore how can you get Ahrefs at very minimal cost.

Browser Compatibility

As these tools require the Chrome Extensions, you must install those Chrome Extensions.
So these tool will be accessible through only Google Chrome

SEOTOOLADDA – Best SEO Tool Provider

You can get Ahrefs keyword tool (full package of $99) @ only ₹299/Month.

Do you not believe still?

How to use Ahrefs for Free

You can see, there is not only Ahrefs is provided at a very cheap cost, there any other 19 tools, which are very high cost but given in a very minimal and affordable amount.

You will need to register on SEOTooladda first, then you will receive an email for account confirmation.

Just confirm it, it’s a very simple process.

Then you will be asked to log in.

Then you will be redirected on the page shown in above image.

How to Purchase Ahrefs from SEOTooladda

The major plus point of this tool is that this tool is very simple to purchase, it has a very simple process and multiple ways to pay.

  1. Paytm
  2. UPI
  3. Debit/Credit Card
  4. Net Banking
  5. Paypal
  6. Easy Paisa

You will not have to activate international payment method or service on your card or bank.

How to use Ahrefs for Free

Important Points before Purchasing and Using

You will have to keep some important things in your mind before you purchase and use the Ahrefs tool @₹299.

Don’t Share with Anyone

SEOTooladda does not allow the user to share its service to the multi-user (third party user).

You can not share your tool or its login details with anyone, even if he would your brother.

SEOTooladda will ban your services on the spot when it found the violence of its terms and conditions.

Whenever you will found to share your tool with anyone, SEOTooladda will no longer allow you to use its service.

How to use Ahrefs for Free

Install Required Plugins (Must)

You will be informed to install the two mandatory plugins to resume your services after you purchase any tool from SEOTooladda.

They take full responsibility for your data security and data confidentiality.

They assure you that any of your data will neither be stored anywhere nor be shared with anyone.

I have been using these services for the last almost 4 months and I have never come to face any kind of small issue even regarding the security.

You can also disable plugins when you are not using any tool of SEOTooladda.

But when you want to use any tool of SEOTooladda, you must enable those two plugins.

How to use Ahrefs for Free

Keyword Research Limit

According to Ahrefs tool (not SEOTooladda) Due to some security reasons, you will be given a limit of 25 keyword research per day.

It means you will be able to keyword research of 25 keyword per day, every day you will be credited another 25 keyword limit.

No Carry Forward Policy


If you have used 12 keyword research today, then tomorrow you will not be given the limit of 38 (13+25) tomorrow.
Your 13 keyword research will lapse.

The limit of 25 keywords research per day is not decided by SEOTooladda, it is given by Ahrefs.

How to use Ahrefs for Free

You will get the full benefits and services of the Premium pack ($99), in this pack of ₹299/-

Features of SEOTooladda

If you might be thinking that this is only one feature of SEOTooladda, then you are totally wrong.

There are many other features that will make you eager to purchase these tools and use them.

Are you ready to have a very big Blaster Surprise?

Combo Pack – 72% Discount

Now you are going to get a very huge surprise, your mind may be stop working.

Yes, if you are doing blogging, only keyword research tool in not enough to optimize your post totally.

You may need other paid tools which act as a booster to optimize and rank your post in Google search engine.

But the same thing, they are too costly that everyone can not afford to purchase it individually use.

So, SEOTooladda has launched an attractive offer that if you purchase all the 20 tools which it is providing, then you will have to pay only ₹599/month.

How to use Ahrefs for Free

If you going to purchase all tools individually, you will have to pay ₹3,680/Month.

But in a special offer, you will get all 20 tools in just ₹599/Month.

Yes, it’s true that you do not need all the tools in blogging, but if we list the useful tools in blogging, then also we will have to pay too much amount.

Tool NamePrice per tool
Keyword Tool199

If you total the amount of these all tools, it is : ₹1891/Month.

So, it is better and beneficial to purchase the combo pack of ₹599/Month.

And if you are doing blogging, you are also aware that the above-mentioned tools are mandatory for blogging if you want to make a career in blogging.

Renewal Reminder & Validity Carry Forward Feature

Suppose you have purchase the plan on 10-oct-2020, then you will get a reminder to renew at 3rd November 2020.

And if you renew it on that day, you will get 30+7 days is equals to 37 days validity.

So, your existing validity will not lapse and will be added to next month’s plan.

Great Instant Chat Support

SEOTooladda is number one Tools service provider in terms of Support services.

When you come to face any technical problem, you can talk with their technical expert team instantly anytime (24 X 7).

Second thing, this is not Email base service, this is a Chat base support service.

When I wanted to chat with them, I pinged them, and with surprise, I got response from them in just 15-20 seconds.

It was not a single time, whenever I was messaging them for testing purpose I was getting instant reply at each time.

Their chat support is connected with their Facebook page so you can chat with them on Facebook also.

How to use Ahrefs for Free

And I am telling you my experience, they do not disconnect the chat until your problem or query get resolved.

If your problem is more complicated, they connect your Laptop/PC via anydesk, they check manually the issue in your device, then fix it.

Some Normal Problems

Sometimes it happens that in spite of you are having the pro plan of those tools, you will be asked to upgrade with premium.

In that case, you do not need to be panic, or frustrated, there is a very simple solution for it.

Actually, when I was coming to face this problem again and again, I contacted the support team, and after solving my problem themselves, they show me the permanent solution of this problem.

Whenever you come to face this kind of problem just do one thing.

Clear Cookies!

okay, then?

Enough, you will be able to access the tools then.

 How to use Ahrefs for Free
How to use Ahrefs for Free

After doing this, you will not face the same problem.

Another way is that you can uninstall and re-install the two chrome extensions.

Necessary Tools for Blogging

According to me and other bloggers who are doing blogging for a long time, you do not need to focus on each and every tools included in this package.

Yes, it is a very beneficial to purchase the combo pack because you are going to get a very huge advantage.

You will not be able to use all tools are being provided in the package, but you will get all the tools that are required in professional blogging.

Ahrefs – Best Keyword Research Tool

I already have explain in deep about Ahrefs keyword tool and other factors in this article.

It’s individual cost is ₹299/Month.

In Combo : ₹29.95/Month

If you need only and only keyword research, you can opt in Ahrefs tool only.

No need to do more expense.

Do the business choice, think and go.

SEMRush – Best SEO All in One Tool

SEMRush is called the best competitor of Ahrefs and other tools, but I do not consider it as a competitor because there is not any major difference in functions and prices in compare to other similar tools.

But yes, you can get something different in SEMRush tool than other tools.

SEMRush has a highest numbers data in terms of everything in compare to all other tools except Google.

What SEMRush does have

  • 6 Million users
  • 20 Billion Keywords
  • 140 Geo Databases
  • 820 Million Domains
  • 500TB of Raw Data
  • 190 Region and Countries
  • 200 Million panelists
  • 1 Billion Events analyze per day
  • 32.8 Trillion Backlinks
  • 17.3 Billion Urls crawled per day
  • 1.4 Billion Referring Domains
how to use ahrefs for free semrsh

You can assume what kind of quality you will get with SEMRush.

You are going to get the All in SEO tool in just ₹249/Month worth of $99.95/Month.

Are you not excited to use this tool?

MOZ – The Best Site Auditor

I trust on Moz for site audits rather than SEMRush and Ahrefs, no doubt, SEMRush and Ahrefs are quite fine and they are the best tools ever.

But yes, if I want to audit any site, I close my eyes and directly jump on Moz, because Moz’s accuracy for the site audit task particularly is near 100%.

I do not use Moz for any other analysis apart from the site audit.

SEOTooladda is the best place ever for those who can not afford an expensive tools.

How to use Ahrefs for Free

There is a good combination of Ahrefs, SEMRush and Moz to create a very powerful and fully SEO friendly and optimized blog post and article as well.

Ahrefs is the best for Keyword Research and Track the competitor’s site.

SEMRush is too much useful for content analysis, Backlink and ranking analysis.

MOZ is the ever best tool for the site audit of yours and others.

According to the requirement of blogging, these three tools are enough.

Now, you will have to think that you want these three tools in ₹1800/Month around or ₹599/Month?

Now, being a human, a curious question would be raising in your mind how SEOTooladda works that it can afford very high-cost tools at very cheap rates, right?

And it must be, otherwise, you will face a loss in the future in any other deal(s).

How SEOTooladda Works

Here, there is not any kind of scam or fraud here, it works with very systematic strategy and procedure.

SEOTooladda buys a very big bundle of all tools from the original tools providers.

Then it distributes all tools via a proxy server to all its user in divided rates, that’s why SEOTooladda gets the amount what it invested plus profit.

So, here Ahrefs or any other tool associated with SEOTooladda can not access your data directly.

It goes first to the SEOTooladda and then after it is redirected to that particular tool.

But yes, here you have the access of the original tools and their services with the package.

How to use Ahrefs for Free

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If you ask my opinion, my view, I will not think twice before purchasing this tool.

What an Amazing Deal!

I strongly recommend you to do not think again before having this tool, just go for a great deal.

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