How to Start Blogging In India- Perfect Free Course – 2020-2021

How to start Blogging in India: I am very excited to share this article with you, because in this article you are going to have A to Z knowledge about Blogging.

As per my experience, you have to scroll through many numbers of articles, blogs, pages to collect knowledge about blogging for the different aspects and modules.

But this article is gonna be All in One and Special Article in terms of Blogging.

So let’s start from starting.

Note (Learning Flow)

Here you will learn the basic first and will move on the advance blogging step by step!
So, be patient to learn the perfect blogging!

This blog also contains “how to start a blog and make money in India“.

First of all, I want to address the potential of Blogging and as proof, see the below stats.

Top Bloggers

I am sharing this information because everyone needs proof of any new beginning.

So, I assume, no, I am sure that you will get a booster motivation from the below stats. This blog also contains “how to start a blog and make money in India“.

First of all, I want to address the potential of Blogging and as proof, see the below stats.

Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal in the Top blogger of India.

He is owner of, and many other sites and blogs.

Income SourceNet Worth Monthly
Blogging$40,055 USD (₹29,89,366.74 INR)

According to his statement, it was not easy to reach this level, he faced many problems, but he had set his goal to be succeed in Blogging profession.

He focused on his goal, started working with consistency, dedication and strategy.

Now you can see where he is!

Amit Agarwal

Income SourceNet Worth Monthly
Blogging$1,00,000 USD (₹74,60,405.00 INR)

Amit Agarwal is the owner of

For motivation, two examples are enough, because our main motive to learn blogging.

You can Google for more reference that how much people are earning by blogging only.

How to Start Blogging in India – Introduction

Starting a blogging is not a big deal.

You need very few things.

  • Good Hosting
  • Domain
  • Laptop/PC
  • Internet Connection

These are just basic requirements.

There are some more things needed to be a pro-blogger.

But as a beginner, you should just have the above-mentioned things.

Blogging is not a small field or aspect in which you can easily earn money online, it is a very big field and you need to work with strategy and consistency.

How to start Blogging in India

This was just an introduction, you are going to have the complete details and knowledge about blogging later on in this article.

We will go one by one and step by step!

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What is Blogging

Before start blogging, we must know what is blogging.

I will explain to you here in a very simple and basic language and terms.
Blogging is an event to share a blog.

So, first, we need to understand “What is Blog”.

Blog & Blogging


Blog is one type of a Digital Paper where you write or note information about what you know which can add values to people’s life.


An event of sharing a blog through a certain medium is called Blogging!

Blog means you write an article that can add value to people’s lives and may be able to solve their queries or problem.

Suppose, you know “how to lose weight without going to the gym”.

Then you write an article to share your knowledge about losing weight with minimum cost or free of cost i.e without spending money in the Gym.

You will publish it on Google and people will read it and it will help the people.

Required Educational Qualification for Blogging

You do not need to have any bachelor’s or master’s degree to start blogging.

Even if you are 10th fail or 8th fail, you can start blogging.

There is not any educational barrier to start and make a career in blogging.

Some people hesitate before starting blogging due to a lack of command of the English language.

But they should research that blogging does not refuse you to write an article in your mother tongue or any other than the English language.

You can write the blog in

  • Hindi
  • Gujarati
  • Marathi
  • Punjabi
  • Spanish
  • German
  • In any Language, you know

Initiative of Blogging

What do you need to start blogging?

I am not talking here about Laptop, PC, or internet connection.
Here we are talking about the property of Blogging.

Find your Topic (Niche)

You have to decide first on which topic you want to write a blog.

It is called the “Niche”.

You should first decide the niche, research on it, make the points.

Ask your self what you are interested in, can your skills solve the problem of people or can your knowledge give the information to the people which is not available easily?

See, do not select a niche, about what the information is available very easily.

Even if you select that one, no problem!

Share the unique information, share your experience, your results, share the proofs.

How to start blogging in India

Find the Problems

Here you win the bet.

New bloggers focus on the CPC, PPC, search volume, and all that, which is the biggest mistake of their blogging career.

Never focus on the CPC, PPC, Search Volume, etc. when you are a beginner.

Avoid doing one mistake to start writing a blog without proper research.

Find the current problems which the people are facing. Find the possible and available solutions for those problems and share them on your blogs.

For that, you will have to do keyword research and content research, which you can learn completely by clicking on the below link.

Purchase a Good Hosting

If you want to sustain your blogging career for a long time, you must buy the best hosting on the first attempt at an affordable rate.

I am using Alpha Rapid and Bluehost hosting for my blogs.

There are free hosting also available but I do not approach to use it, because it has too many restrictions and worthless.

If you are serious about building a career in blogging, go for a paid hosting.

Hosting – Free V/S Paid

Never go with the Free Hosting if you want to build a long career in blogging because free hosting will restrict you to do many things which drive traffic on your site and generates money.

You will have to move to WordPress in the future anyhow, so it’s better that you start with WordPress.

When I was beginner, I purchased a hosting of $0.80/Month (₹59/Month).

Currently I am using Bluehost and AlphaRapid hosting.

Purchase meaningful Domain

The domain is the identity of your website/blog. You can not publish a blog without the domain.


Here, .com is a domain, successmenia is my domain name.
You should select the meaningful name, your domain name must be pointed out something.

For example:


If you read this domain name, they all are pointing out some intentions.

If you select the domain name like,,,, etc, these are meaningless.

Domain Selection

If you want to explore your blog, then you need to buy .com Domain.
Because .in Domain will not be accessible out of India region.

You can surf the best domain registrars to purchase a domain, according to the top blogger’s opinion, GoDaddy is one of the best option to purchase the domain.

How to Select the Best Domain and which is the best domain Provider

These were just basic requirements to start blogging.

Now we will move on to the advanced blogging step by step with all the questions and queries which will clear the concept.

Install a WordPress

Just purchasing a good hosting and domain is not enough to start blogging for you.

You need to install a WordPress which is the best website builder and it’s free with every hosting.

If you want to create a site without hosting, then you will have to pay a charge for WordPress, but if you purchase any hosting, WordPress installation is free of cost.

It’s very easy to install a WordPress, and now, every hosting is providing a “One Click Installation WordPress Service” also.

There are also many other website builders, but WordPress is the easiest and the best website builder among all website builders.

Why only WordPress

More than 85% of websites of the world have and are being built in WordPress, so you can assume the easiness of WordPress.

How your Blog appears on Google

Suppose you have written a blog on “How to start blogging in India” and published it.

Now, whoever will search on Google by typing “How to start blogging in India”, your result may appear if it meets the criteria.

How to start Blogging in India

Now, you have to rank your blog o Google, so it is not recommendable that you write the blog randomly with any content.

You have to research the keywords, contents, analyze the competitor’s site properly, and then plan to write the blog post.

Very Important Modules of Blog Writing

Yes, blog writing is not quite easy in terms of ranking the blog.

Because, if your blog is not ranking on the Google Search Engine, it is meaningless to do blogging.

So, our target must be to rank our blog on the top 10 results of the Google Search Engine.

so, let’s know first, how Google ranks our article.

How Your Article Ranks on Google Search Engine

When a user enters a question on the query on Google Search Engine, Google’s algorithm searches in its database the related content and answers for the user’s query.

Algorithm indeed founds millions of article on that one query but it shows the user only the quality article which fulfills the user’s query.

Google has some parameters which it follows to reflect the results for the user’s query.

You might be thinking that if there are millions of articles or blogs on one question, then how will our blog will rank, right?

I show you my example!

I wrote an article on “Best Affiliate Programs in India” and published it at 1st Oct 2020.

It ranked in just 17 days on Google Search Engine, below is the proof.

How to start Blogging in India

You can see that my article ranked in just 17 days after publishing.

I want to mention that my domain’s DA and PA is less than 3 even if it is ranking.

So, I will share all those things which help to rank the blog on Google Search Engine.

Selection of a Good Niche

This is the initiative of your blog.

Like, a building can not be built without the base, same as, without a niche, you can not write a blog.

Niche is the topic on which you are going to create a blog.

For example, you want to create a blog on the mobiles, Internet, Computer, AI, etc… then your Niche is Technology.

That means you are writing a blog on Technology.

You are going to cover all the matters which come under the Technology section.

My Blog Niche is:

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Online Earning
  • Affiliate Marketing

Type of Niche

There are Three types of Niche on which can the blog be created.

  • Single Niche (Dedicated Niche)
  • Multi Niche
  • Micro Niche

Read Complete Article for Niche

Once you select the niche, then the next step is to write content.

Content means the context of what you write in your blog.

You are reading my content now.

How should your Content be

According to the pro-bloggers and the big bloggers of India and world as well:

Content is the King

If you write quality content, Google will rank your article.

I have already shown the proof.

Never copy the content from any published or unpublished article.

Write your content, share your thoughts and ideas to add value to people’s life.

Plagiarism must be near to Zero.

Select the Proper Keyword

The Keyword is the one the most important aspect in terms of writing the blog.

Your keyword performs a valuable part in the ranking factor for your blog in Google Search Engine.

There are many free and paid tools for keyword research.

Keyword research must not be without proper knowledge otherwise it will produce the wrong results and your blog will never rank in Google Search Engine.

The paid keyword research tools are very costly, but there are some group companies which are providing at very low cost the premium keyword tools.

I use three keyword tools.

  • Google Keyword Planner (Free)
  • Ahrefs (₹299/Month)
  • SEMRush(₹249/Month)

You should not go for the very costly keyword tools before learning and keyword research perfectly.

I have created an article explaining how to do keyword research, you can learn it by clicking the below article.

How to do Keyword Research (Basic to Advance)

Creating Content

Yes, I know I have already informed you about the content, but those were the basic tips.

Here I am going to share the upper-level tricks to find the content.

Here, you will learn, how to find the content and where to find the content for your blog.

First, ask Google.

Let’s suppose you want to write an article on how to lose weight.

So, do not open the blog post and start writing directly.

Go to Google, and in the search bar, just type “How to lose weight”.

Do not press enter after writing.

Google will give you suggessions.

How to start Blogging in India

Then press enter, and go to the bottom of the page, you will find the more suggestions to write the content.

How to start Blogging in India

Refer all the possible and available resources for the content, and details for your niche and topic.

You can find the questions from

  • Quora
  • Google Question Hub
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn

There are many forum sites from which you can fetch the questions and queries which are being asked more and more by the people.

I am using this method personally for my blogging and you have seen the proof that my blog got ranked in just 17 days after publishing.

My site is just 6 months old and ranking on 4 keywords organically.

Well, this is a highlight of those strategies about content research.

I have written a complete article on how to do content research, you can read it by clicking the below link.

How to Research the Content for Blog

Let’s Move on the Next Step!

Do the Proper Research

You have found the keyword, content, and all materials about the blog.

Now, are you ready to write a blog?


Don’t start writing immediately.

Before starting to write your blog, do deep research on the topic or content on which you want to write the blog.

First, note your knowledge about your topic, and then fetch the information from the different sources.

Check online for the latest updates, trends, and all that.

For example, you want to write a blog on the “Top 10 Richest People in the world

You already know the top 5 or 10 richest people in the world right now, but you may not have accurate data about their latest income, business upgrades, market value, their ranking, etc.

You should research first, and make the points, and then start writing step by step.

Then convert that data into the blog, like, I am doing the same, and the result is in front of yours.

Analyze the Competitor’s Sites

Now, when you completed the above steps, one more step needs to be followed by your before writing a blog.

Analyze your competitor’s site deeply.

Check his quality of content, images, videos, paragraphs, how many words he has written, are those words meaningful or not, how many keywords his post is ranking, his blog’s DA, PA.

When you have the details and data of your competitor’s potential, you can do better than him, you can make the strategies to beat them.

How to start Blogging in India

When you are completed with your competitor’s site, you can come to such conclusions that what you should do to make your site better than his site and blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most important factors in terms of ranking your blog on Google in Top 10.

Now it’s time to start creating your blog.

While creating a blog means writing your blog, you need to pay attention to many aspects which are too important for your blog ranking on Google Search Engine.

It is not quite easy to rank your blog on Google Search Engine because it has to be passed through many parameters.

You need to optimize your post which is called “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)“.

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

On-Page SEO means you have to place your keywords on your post very smartly, Image optimization, numbers of words, and many important things you have to arrange in proper and respective manners.

OFF Page SEO means you have to optimize your site by the external resources.

There is a brief article ready for FULL SEO details in very deep at the micro-level explained.

Click on the below link to learn the Complete and Perfect SEO.

Which SEO Plugin should you Use

When you will read the article “How to do SEO to rank your post on Google“, you will come to know that SEO is not an easy aspect in terms of quality blogging.

It becomes easy when you write 50+ blog posts with the help of SEO plugins, then after you will not need any SEO plugin.

There are many SEO plugins are available, but the two SEO Plugins are trending.

  • Yoast SEO
  • Rank Math

Both plugins are a very healthy competitor of each other.If you are going to compare both, you will not come to such a conclusion that which is the best between them.

You should take a review of users of both, and decide which one you want to use.

If you want to know my opinion, I am using Rank Math for better SEO.

How to start Blogging in India

Very Important FAQs

How much does it cost to start blogging in India

If you are beginner, then I recommend you to invest a minimum cost to start blogging.

You just need:

  • 1 Hosting
  • 1 Domain

Hosting : ₹4400 INR($60 USD)
Domain : Free

There are also other hosting that are providing 1 year hosting in just ₹3500 INR also.


Hosting is like our home, which is not easy to change again and again, so choose the best hosting at the first attempt.

I am using AlphaRapid Hosting for my primary site/blog.

According to my experience, it is the best hosting ever among I have used till now.

I have used many hosting, Bluehost, A2 hosting, Name cheap, Hostinger, SiteGround, but Alpha Rapid is the father of all hosting.

How to start a Blog for Free

You can start a blog free by having free hosting from Google and many other companies, but it is not recommendable.

Because free hosting applies too many restrictions in that case you can not engage your user on your site.

You will not be allowed to use WordPress and its any of the features in free hosting, so your site will become attractive which appeals to your user to stay on it.

What are the best blogging tips for beginners in India?

First, learn what is blogging, analyze it, explore it.

Blogging is not a very small field in which you just invest some money and you will get to earn money in very few time.

I took 7 months to generate my first Dollar from blogging.

This article is for those people who are a beginner and want to make those career bright and long in blogging.

Read this article from beginning to end.

How can one Make Money starting a Blog

There is not only one way to Make Money from blogging.

You can monetize your blogging by multiple resources.

You can:

  • Use Ad network to monetize blog
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell your site
  • Give Backlinks
  • Offer Guest post
  • Give some space (Dedicated Space) on rent on your blog
How to start Blogging in India

As long as your blog gains more potential, a big advertiser will contact you to allow them to post their ads and post on your sites.

Some advertisers purchase some space on your blog it means you can not paste any of your or any other’s content at that space.

They pay you for that space some amount for month/year/lifetime.
It depends on you how you charge them.

ConclusionMy Opinion

According to my opinion, as per my experience, you should start with the minimum investment for hosting and domain.

Pick the best hosting company with only one domain.

I recommend you to use Alpharapid and the experience with this hosting is 10/10.

You can also go with Bluehost, as it is recommended by WordPress.

Purchase a domain with a meaningful name that represents your niche and purpose.

Go, start, and Earn!


Keep Learning

Keep Sharing

Keep Earning

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