8+ Ethical & Smart Ways How to Earn Money Online in India -2021

How to earn money online in India: If you are searching the ways to earn money online in India with and without investment, you have been landed at very right place.

I will explain you how you can earn money online by proper planning and strategies.

This article also includes how to earn money online in india without investment.

Some people are stating the online earning a fake strategy and making an example of aiming in dark.


Below are the real example who are making a lots of money by working online.

You can see the below are the Three legends of online earning.

So Before I show you a legit ways to earn money online, I want to give you some trusted proofs about making money online.

Top Online Earners of India

Harsh Agrawal

Kulwant Nagi

Rahul Bhatnagar

Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal does not need an introduction from me or anyone, as everyone knows that Harsh Agrawal is the No:1 Blogger of India.

He started his blogging journey in 2008 as a hobby and nowadays he is earning around $40,055 per month (average) form online sources and blogging.

Kulwan Nagi

Kulwant Nagi is the top affiliate marketer of India.

He started affiliate marketing in 2016, and nowadays he is earning more than $9,000 per month.

He kept patience in stead of quit, and today, you can see the results.

Saurabh Bhatngar

Surabh Bhatnagar is the legend and king of the facebook marketing business.

He is earning more than 10 crores per month in today’s date.

He had started business in this field as a beginner and today’s he is the No:1 Facebook ads running tycoon.

I think these proofs are enough to make you trust that online earning exists on the earth, and you also can make lots of dollars and rupees by applying specific strategies and some hard work.

I will here explain to you to earn money online in India and over the world as well.

So….. Let’s Explore

How to Earn Money Online in India -Introduction

This is not a Quick-Rich Formula

I want to make you alert that Earning Money online is not a quick rich formula. So If you have landed on this article in search of quick rich formula, kindly make up your mind for patience and a long-time working strategy.

Now let’s start to know how we can earn money online by doing less but smart work with particular strategies.

How to earn money online in india

Before starting the journey of making money online, you need to keep your mind ready for patience, because this field takes time.

Now, you can make a lot of money by working online. It depends on your nature of work because there is no single way to earn money online in India.

There are 20+ ways to generate revenue online. You will have to choose that way from which you will convert your passion into the money.

So, Let’s start Exploring One by One…..

This Article also Contains
How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment


This is the first online earning platform for my online earning journey.

I started to take a chance to make money online by blogging before three years almost, and yes, in today’s time, I am getting enough money from blogging.

What is Blogging

Blogging is an information-sharing platform where you can share the information that you know much more.

Any person comes to your blog and reads the information what he needs, and if you succeed to stay him on your blog, this is the first success in the blogging stream.

How to earn money online in india

Let me show you what blogging is.

Suppose you want to know how to earn money online or make money online, so what will you do that you will search it on Google.

As long as you will write and search “How to earn money online in India”, the below result will be shown.

How to earn money online in india

In the above image, “How to earn money online in India” is your search query, and the results shown below your question are blogs.

In a Simple Words

You need to create an influential blog using your writing skills and intending the user’s (Reader’s) query and wait for some time.

As long as your blog will get started ranking, your earning will be initialized automatically.

If you want to know what Blogging is and how to do Blogging and earn money from Blogging, there are multiple sites, blogs and lots of videos on YouTube.

You will have to explore them.

I recommend you to refer to Harsh Agrawal’s site and blog to learn Blogging.

Now you might be thinking that how could we earn money online from Blogging, right?

Who will pay you money and why, isn’t it?

Wait! AND Be Patient

Ad Networks

You can generate revenue by publishing ads of Google and other ad networks.

Many ad networks give you ads to publish, and if any user clicks on the ads you insert on your blog, that ad network will pay you per click some amount.

  • Google Adsense
  • Media.net
  • Adsterra
  • Adpushup
  • Infolinks

These are the popular ad networks; apart from these, there are many ad networks that you can use to make money online.

Each ad network has its terms and conditions and some criteria to approve the blogger’s request.

You can go through those terms and conditions by visiting their website and blog.

How to earn money online in india

You can sign up with media.net by clicking on the below banner and convert your blog in unstoppable revenue.

Your blog/site will be monetized, and your earning will get started with only impressions (views, not clicks)

How Ad networks works and you earn money online

After successful registration, the ad network will approve your site after monitoring your site.

As long as you are approved, you will be given different codes to publish on your site/blog.

Once you paste that code, it will be converted into the banner or video or link (according to your selection before pasting).

You will be making money online when a user clicks on that ad, or some ad networks pay you only on impressions.

Media.net is paying you on impressions (ad display). You do not need to make clicks by users. Once your ad is displayed, you will be credited with some amount in your account according to keyword CPM.

Can you Just Imagine??????

Can you assume how much money you can earn online by making a blog and working on it, it’s really amazing.

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Affiliate Marketing

You will be surprised that I am earning more from Affiliate Marketing than Ad Networks.

Really surprise, right?

Let me Disclose!

I am using both platforms on my blogs.

I am using Affiliate Marketing and ad network, and there are 99% chances of clicking by the user on any of them.

So, vice versa, I am generating income, two hunts by one arrow.

So Let’s go ahead, and explore how we can earn money online by affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing industry is expected to touch the worth of $8,35,00,00,000 till 2025

What is Affiliate Marketing

Before jumping on how we can earn money online by affiliate marketing, we must have an idea about what is affiliate marketing.

If I explain to you in technical words, you will get a little bit confused.

So, Let’s understand by example.

Let’s suppose I have a business of Men’s Shirts, and I am selling it online.

Now I want to increase my sales by giving someone a nominal commission.

So, what will I do, Can you guess?

I will generate a link of each product by tools, and I will give you access to that portal and tell you that this is your link, you need to promote it by your ways.

When anyone clicks on it, he will be redirected to my product website.

Hence, he would have come through your link, so if he purchases anything, I will give you 20% of his purchase amount.

So, this process is called “Affiliate Marketing”

Official Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means to promote third party’s products in our way and by our method, generate a sales for him, and get some amount as an affiliate commission.

How Affiliate Marketing Works & How to Earn Money online by Affiliate Marketing

There are 1500+ Affiliate Networks, and you can join with them and start promoting their products.

As long as you generate sales for them, you will be credited with the affiliate commission amount.

How to earn money online in india

In the above image, you can see clearly how affiliate marketing works and how we can earn money online by affiliate marketing.

You don’t need to think very deeply about the process*.

Just be clear with what you want to do to earn money online in India by affiliate marketing.

  • Register
  • Analyze the product details
  • Understand it properly
  • Make a Strategy
  • Promote
  • Generate sales
  • Earn Commission

Every company and affiliate network has its different terms and conditions for payment withdrawal.

So I strongly recommend you to refer its policy before registration and starting an affiliate marketing business for any network.

So, according to my way, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online in India, and you can surely make money by online working in a smart way.

Are you eager to move on the next way to earn money online?

Virtual Assistance

  • Are you having a Laptop or Desktop with a good Internet connection?
  • Do you have mastery in any filed?
  • Do you have spare 4 hours daily?
  • Are you able to sell your 4 hours of day in reward of Money?


If you are having all of the things mentioned above, you have a very significant way to earn money online in India, Ohh! Sorry, anywhere.

What is Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance means working for someone or any ( or more) company on a non-payroll base.

You will not be bounded with the rules and policies of that particular company.

It will pay you according to your work and services; the amount is decided before the deal.

How to earn money online in india

Do you want an Example?

I am the virtual assistance of one doctor of the USA, and he wants to keep its patient’s files updated daily.

I deal with her that I will keep her data updated daily, after 6:00 PM IST.
I work for her from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM IST.

As long as she treats the patient, she sends me a file with the raw data on the spot.

I filter and distinguish the data according to her instructions (which she gave me on the first day).

I resubmit all files her at 10:05 PM, and she replies to me at 10:30 PM IST and then after I am free from her task for the day.

She pays me $15 per day. (i.e ₹1,099.72)

Why Virtual Assistant needed?

You may have a question of why virtual assistance is needed for some business persons or companies?

See, if that doctor is going to hire a dedicated salaried person for particular that task, she will have to pay one fixed amount like i.e., $450 per month.

Now a salaried person does not concern whether the doctor opens her clinic every day or some days.

He will charge a full salary of $450 at the end of the month.

Now, if she hires me (virtual assistant), she needs to pay me the amount for only those days on which I have worked.

Let’s suppose the total working days of this months are 19, so she will pay me $ [19 X 15 = 285]

So, here both of us have benefit. She will have to spend more money than production, and I will earn good money online by working only 4 hours per day.

I can do my regular job/business, and as a side income, I can earn money online up to ₹22,000/-

How to Earn Money Online by Virtual Assistance

Once you deal with any company or any person as virtual assistance, you need to fix the rate.

Rate is decided by per hour generally because the company or person hires virtual assistance to reduce its expense on that particular task.

You will be paid only for your occupied hours.

There are many websites from which you can find the clients for work.

You can sign up on any of the above or all of the above and start trying to make money online by virtual assistance business, which is relatively easy and beneficial.


Are you fond of acting, performing, editing a video?

Congratulations: You are near to leave your 8 hours job in just One Year!

YouTube is a vast community to earn money online in India and everywhere as well.

If you are fond of editing, making videos, using video editing software, and having a good command of all of them, you can generate revenue online very quickly.

You might be thinking about the disclaimer I publish at the starting of the article, right?

But you will be happy to know that YouTube is the best way to earn money online in all forms.

Why YouTube is the best way to Earn Money Online in India

You need only two things to monetize your YouTube channel.

  • 1,000 Subscribers
  • 4,000 total watch time

If you work with consistency and upload a very legit and organic content on your videos, you will achieve these criteria in just 6-8 months.

Because YouTube is giving priority to new YouTube channels in the top results of the search.

How to earn money online in india

You can see that I have created my channel and uploaded a video just before one day.

My video is ranking in the top 10 results of a YouTube search.

You also can notice that I have not inserted any hack word of my description or tags in the search bar.

This is an excellent thing about YouTube is that YouTube is giving a chance to a new channel to prove their quality.

So If you provide the legit and eye-catching content on YouTube, you will be unstoppable.

Now ! Worthy Question!

How to Earn Money Online by YouTube

When you are eligible for monetization of your YouTube channel, YouTube will send you an email to monetize your site.

Then after your income will start immediately.

Why immediately?

Because if you work on your youtube channel with consistency, your drain will become popular enough, and you would have a secure audience.

As long as you have a secure audience, you would gain a minimum of 2000-3000 views per day accordingly ( This figure is a prediction, not sure, it may vary).

So, it means, till your youtube channel gets monetized, you will be at a very high and absolute level.

So your videos will get converted into the revenue.

How you would Generate Revenue from Views

When your channel gets monetized, youtube will enable you to publish ads.

You will earn money online from youtube by those ads.

YouTube gives the publisher (You) 68% amount of which it receives from the advertiser.

It means, If youtube earns $1000 by publishing ads from advertisers, it gives $680 to the publisher (Owner of YouTube channel).

Is it not Amazing?

How to earn money online in india

Worried About Clicks? Leave worrying

If you are thinking that who will click on ads and when I will generate revenue from YouTube, then stop thinking this and be relax.

Everyone knows that very exceedingly, and very few people click on ads, so you might be thinking that it is very few chances to make money online from YouTube.

BUT… BUT… BUT… Surprise for you

YouTube does not pay only for clicks; it pays for impressions also. Impression means a display of your ads.

Let’s suppose your video was seen 2000 times, and each time ad was shown twice per video.

So your ad impression count is 4,000.

According to some reports, YouTube pays $2 per 1,000 impressions.
So you will earn 8$ that day.

YouTube Revenue Full detailed article

Are you still not convinced to start to earn money online?

Let me give you another shock!


Can you manage 3 hours per day and pay attention to other person works in reward of money?

If you can do so, you are only one step ahead to convert your potential into the money.

I am a serious dude!

You just need….

  • Smartphone/laptop/PC
  • Good Internet connection
  • At least one skill


You can do a part-time business of freelancing.

In today’s time, freelancing is a synonym for BOON!

About Freelancing

How to earn money online in India

You have read about the Virtual assistance business above in this article.

Freelancing is like that, but only one difference between these two.

In virtual assistance, you need to work with your time for long and fixed or certain time while in freelancing, you are free to leave that client after completion of the project of your client.

If your portfolio is significant and meets the client’s requirement in freelancing, it deals with you to pay per hour or week or day in the rewards of your assistance until the project completion.

As long as you complete the project, you and your clients are your ways.

If you want to continue to work with that client, you can approach it, if it approves, you will have another project.

And the same vice versa.

In this field, you will have to keep your services and work quality best.

What is Freelancing

Freelancing is the mirror phase of virtual assistance, as I explained earlier.

Suppose you are a blogger, and you have reached a certain level, and you do not have enough time to write the blog posts for your article.

In this case, you will hire a person who will write quality blog posts for you, and you will pay him an amount for the article.

Simple! This is a freelancing.

In the above example, you are a client, and a person who is writing an article for you is a Freelancer.

Where can you get clients

You do not need to go here and there for the client; you will found the client according to your skills on Google (Internet).

Just type in Google ” Freelancing sites.”

You will find a lot of sites.

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • PeopleperHour
  • Designhill
  • Toptal
  • We Work Remotely
  • Behance
  • SimplyHired

These are just ten sites; you can explore more than 100 freelancing sites from Google.

How to Earn Money Online from Freelancing

I think you are clear about making money from freelancing sites; however, I will give you some useful information.

Whenever you find the client and deal with it, first read all the portal’s terms and conditions.

For example, freelancer.com does not allow the money transaction between freelancers and clients.

So, there will be a different term and condition of all other sites. I strongly recommend you to go through it first.

Second and Important thing

No Prepay Terms in Freelancing

If any client selects you for its project and tell you that you have been picked for its project, but you will have to deposit some amount in their account for the security deposit which will refunded, say him/her “Clearly NO!”
Freelancer sites will not take responsibility about any fraud or scam.

Need More Ways??? Pull your shocks!

Social Media

Ohh, My God! Really, I can earn money online from Social Media?
You would be thinking the same thing, right?

Right, dude, you can make money online from social media.

I don’t think that I need to introduce social media, or I need to explain what social media is. 😀

Now you don’t need to use all social media to earn money online from social media. Just Facebook is enough to book your profit online.

How to Make Money Online from Facebook

There are two simple ways to convert your hobby and skill into the cash.

  • Free
  • Paid

Free Method

If you want to opt for a free method to promote your products or affiliate links/banners, you should join the group relevant to your products.

I am following an effortless procedure to generate money online from Facebook with free marketing.

  • Join daily only 5 Groups (Neither 4 nor 6, only 5)
  • I do post 1 promotion at morning in 5 groups
  • I do post 1 Promotion at afternoon in 5 groups
  • I do post 1 Promotion at evening in 5 groups
  • I rotate the groups everyday

Do not post your link multiple times at one time; otherwise, you will be banned by considering spam creator.

I assume you have excellent knowledge of Facebook groups and how to use them, so I will not explain by images and save your valuable time.

Paid Method

If you have the potential to spend ₹100-₹500 per day, I strongly recommend you opt for a paid method to make money online from Facebook.

You should run Facebook ads to promote your products or affiliate products, well, you will have to pay some amount, but it will give you the best result.

Facebook Marketplace

Recently, before some time, Facebook has introduced a new platform for business.

It’s a Marketplace where you can sell and buy your desired products.

I strongly recommend that you explore yourself these all ways; hence Facebook is a vast community to explore.

Not Finished! Many things to learn yet!

Stock Market TradingEarn Money Online

This is called a short cut to make more money in a short time, but it is not.

Secondly, this is not a free way to earn money online. You will have to invest some money to generate profit in terms of money.

A huge myth is that Stock Market means Loss.

Not, I am making weekly 4,000 around from Stock Marketing.


I took almost 6-8 months to understand the stock market.

Then I started to invest a noticeable amount in the stock market.

I assume I don’t need to explore what is stock market; you would know very well.

So let’s focus on how to retrieve money from the stock market.

How to Earn Money from the Stock Market

If anyone is teaching you about the stock marketing by $10,000 per month, it is preferable than investing $10 to learn yourself in stock market.

How to Earn money online in India

Sir Warren Buffet

chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

You just need to follow the below steps to earn money online from the stock market.

  • Open Demate and Trading account with trusted broker
  • Add fund in your demate account
  • Start trading

Hence, stock marketing trading is not too simple, there is a risk of loss, but the plus point is that you can make quick money if you work with a good strategy.

There are many sub-modules in stock marketing; you need to explore it.

Do you not want to invest money for now?

No Problem, there is another free way with enjoyment.


Are you Fond of Travelling? If yes, Congratulations, you can earn money online with your hobby.


If you like and love tourism, you have an exceptionally superb opportunity to turn your hobby into the cash.

You can start vlogging to make money online.

What is Vlogging

Vlogging means to explore the new places, new trends over the world, or a specific area.

Suppose you are planning to tour the Nainital next month or next week.

Record the good moments from the beginning of your journey to the end.
Record each every possible moment.

Like the take off from your home, traveling moments during the train, if you see a foreigner, then talk with him/her with recording. Many things are to do.

When you come back home, edit that video with excellent effects and publish it on youtube.

You already have learned earlier in this article about how you can generate revenue from youtube.

You won’t believe it, and I will start my new vlogging channel this Saturday.

What you need for Vlogging

Just one smartphone or camera (if you can afford DSLR)

If you want to make your vlogging more useful, you can purchase a mic, also worth starting from just ₹100.

How to Earn Money Online in India

You can connect your vlogging and YouTube and can bath in the rain of the money.

Are you ready for the next one?????

Online Teaching

This stream is not very popular, but after the lock-down period, this filed is growing at exponential speed.

If you have enough knowledge about any language, you can start your online teaching academy.

And the most beneficial aspect of this work is that you will not need any other assistance.

No set up required.

Just promote your service online; in starting, you will have to give the demonstration free of cost, but with time, you will be getting clients one by one.

You will get many clients out of India like Russians are diverting towards the English language.

So if you have a good command of the English language, you can become an online teacher and can earn money online by online teaching business.

If you want the clients, you will have to search on Google; there are many sites interacting between online teachers and clients.

Conclusion: My Opinion

In my opinion, you should not wait for the right time to start online earning, because most ways of online earning do not require a considerable investment.

Most ways can be started with ZERO INVESTMENT.

It would be best to start any of the above business or more business as a part-time, not full time.

Start as a part-time business, grow it, and when you think that you can earn enough from online sources and switch it as a full-time, you can.

The most challenging point of any journey is to start, and it is a must.

Keep Learning – Keep Sharing

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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