5 Best ways to make money online 2020-2021

Best ways to make money online: With the world changing thanks to a global pandemic, people are now looking to turn to newer and different things in terms of how jobs and part-time work is seen. It’s suddenly not just about the homemakers, students or the retired people.

A lot of us who are stay-at-home parents, people who have lost their jobs recently or even people who are simply looking at wanting to supplement their current income with something extra are researching and looking for more.

We are always hoping to find new ideas that require minimal to no investment and jobs that they can do from the convenience of their home. Here are some of the best ways to earn money online and start getting some income.

1. Blogging

Creating content and sharing it with the world can be a really fun and interesting job.

You get to share your thoughts, feedback, ideas and then get paid for it.

If you are searching for an online job and you have a creative bug that is just itching to type out some opinions then Blogging/Content/Article writing jobs will be a perfect option for you.

2. Online Reselling of Products

There are many companies nowadays that help you to set up your very own online stores. You can resell products from their inventory with set margins within your social media circle or through your own website (which they help to curate) and specially without the hassles of investment.

Some of them like Shop101 are perfect partners to get you started on owning your business and making decent money per month.

This is something that can be done from the comfort of your own home and can add to your already set monthly income.

3. Online Tutoring

Considering the world we are all currently living in, the online tutoring market has exploded and if you know a language or possess a skill set like coding, fine art, etc. then you can really turn your job game around.

Learning is something that will always be in demand and if you’re good at teaching and sharing your skills then this is the perfect job for you and many others like you.

Set up online classes through zoom or google meet and teach languages, coding, pottery, art, etc. online and you can really create a niche for yourself in Online Tutoring.

4. Cooking Classes

If creating yummy dishes is your passion then you can start your own YouTube channel where you can share cooking lessons with everybody to learn.

Cooking and learning how to make delicious, healthy, and tasty food is something that everybody is keen on watching and learning.

One of the aspects of cooking classes that are hugely popular nowadays are kitchen and cooking hacks or making dishes which can be made in a quick and convenient fashion.

So whether you are teaching how to make a 20-minute chicken dish or a 5-minute cake, this is something which is really popular.

5. Data Entry Operator

If you love spending time online and have a good typing speed (min 25 WPM ) then this is the perfect job for you.

Joining the data entry field is not very difficult and is perfect for homemakers, students, retired personnel who are looking to keep themselves engaged while earning something on the side.

Knowledge and command of the English language is a must for this field. You can do as much or as little as possible in a data entry job and you get paid according to the work you manage to send in.


Finding jobs that work for you is key in finding something worthwhile and long lasting. Choosing a field that matches your skill set or something you are passionate about will always give you an upper hand and help you find a more suitable job or process.

Working online is definitely the future and you should start planning for this today itself. There are enough jobs out there that can be listed and found online and these can sometimes be better and more convenient than regular jobs and perhaps to an extent even more secure. They are available for a wide variety of career fields, different skill sets, small and large companies etc.

Although these are only a few options here in the article, the job market on online work is large and more fulfilling for a lot of individuals. Wishing you tremendous success always!

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