Who am I?

I am Ritesh Ajmeri and the founder of Successmenia.

I have been doing online earning for the last 2.5 years almost, and I am doing it very well till now, still continue.

My revenue is generated from Affiliate Marketing rite now, Planning to add ad sense and other ad networks.

I am welcoming you all to my blog and sites and I am trying my best to enable you to make money online with and without investment.

Start earning money while sleeping

Earn Money Online with Investment

Earn Money Online without Investment


Step 1Learn and Analyze

I focus on learning and analyze first. We must learn first before jumping in any field or matter.

I started blogging and for the first five months I was on Zero, because, it was my learning time, and I learnt that we must learn and then analyze first before finalizing anything.


Step 2Implement with Patience

Implementation means testing yourself, we don’t know whether we will be succeed or not. 

So be patience, and implement the planning, if you have confidence on your learning and analysis, you will definitely get success!


Step 3Execute and Results

This is the time for which everyone waits with lots of patience and impatience.

This is the moment for which some has been working for the last 5 years, someone- 2 years, and so on.

When your plan gets executed according to your thinking, it produces the amazing results.